Foreword by Bob Kerridge

You only have to gaze into the eyes of a cat to realise there is a soul behind them. It is this penetrating and mysterious inner depth that endears the cat to those who share their affections with them, an attraction that is most certainly mutually shared.

And yet, of all our companion animals, the cat is the most maligned and persecuted enduring ill-founded discrimination in some quarters, and an intolerance with many sectors of the community, leading in many cases to their total abandonment. It is this desertion that forces cats, through no fault of their own, to become strays finding it necessary to fend for themselves because they are no longer welcome.

Mercifully, there are many who understand the qualities cats possess and dedicate themselves and their time to their welfare and well-being. These people have joined together to become the Community Cat Coalition in Auckland, attending to stray cats either individually, or collectively in communities or in colonies.

Thanks to these caring people the strays become loved and managed in an effective and highly successful manner to live their lives as they rightly deserve. The Community Cat Coalition consists of highly dedicated individuals with a passion for compassion and they fully deserve our thanks and our support, even although in reality their reward is inherent in those many beautiful feline souls they save.

Keep believing,